May 29
DeMarco Bros. w/ Dave Brooks @ Brothers Lounge - Cleveland Oh.

March 1   Stockdale Music - Guitar Clinic/ BOSS/Roland / Bakersfield California
Feb 26/27   San Diego GC - BOSS Guitar  Clinics
Feb 23    Johnny Makes Patches for Roland VG-99 in Los Angeles Studio
Feb 21   Video Shoot at 'The Comedy Club"  in Hermosa Beach Cal. (SA-300 Roland Video)
Feb 13-14   Instrumental Music-BOSS Guitar Clinics- Santa Barbera / Ventura California
Feb 12   Best Buy Regional Training at Roland- Los Angeles
Jan 29-30   Johnny Teams up at DeMarco Studio w/ Dave Brooks - BOSS BR -600 Song
Jan 22-23   Roland Engineer Meeting/Develpoment - Los Angeles
Jan 15-21   Winter NAMM Show- Aneheim California
Dec  19   Scott Henderson - BOSS/Roland Lunch Interview-Eagle Rock Ca.
Dec  16   Harley Krishna Video Shoot - Hollywood Hills Location -HarleyKrishna.com
Dec 14   West LA  Music - Guitar Training - Santa Monica
Dec 10   Nick Palance Opera performance-Hollywood Christmas show w/ William Shatner $$ Johnny Jams ...Gingle Bell Rocks
Dec 9   Best Buy Guitar Clinic San Bernidino California
Dec 6   Sam Ash Guitar Clinic -Puente Hills California
Dec 5   Guitar Trader - San Diego Guitar Training
Dec 3 Night Nick Palance Opera Show- Johnny Plays in San Diego Casino
Dec 3 Day Best Buy Guitar Clinic - Riverside Ca.
Nov 30   Los Angeles  Video Shoot BOSS/Fender 59' Bassman Pedal
Nov 20-28   Cleveland -Home Sweet Home- Happy Thanksgiving /Play Show at Gettaway
Nov 9-100   Taxi Convention/ Hollywood
Oct 27-28   San Luois Obispo Guitar Wars Event
Oct 22-23   3 Events in Two Days- San Diego School of Rock -3 Shows
Oct 21   Hollywood Guitar Center/ BOSS Guitar Clinic
Oct 20   South Bay Guitar Center Guitar Clinic
Oct 19   Sam Ash /Roland Product Support Video Shoot- Johnny Host's/ Los Angeles
Oct 14   Sherman Oaks Guitar Center BOSS Guitar Day
Oct 13   Guitar Center Pasadena Guitar Synth Clinic
Oct 9   Sherman Oaks CA- GR-20 Guitar Synth Training
Oct 5   San Diego /La Mesa- GR-20 Guitar Synth Clinic
Sept 18-22   Chicago Regional Training Event for Local Guitar Centers
Sept. 14   Guitar World Magazine Video Shoot/ Los angeles
Sept 13   Hunting Beach High Shcool of Rock Video Shoot/ Huntington Beach
Sept 1-8   Cleveland to Mix Bloodmoon Album
Aug 25   True Tone Music/ Santa Monica RC-2 Training
Aug 24   Hollywood GC Guitar Clinic
Aug 19   Best Buy  Music - BOSS Guitar Clinic in Riverside Ca
Aug 18   GUITAR WORLD Magazine Video Shoot of RC-2 Loop Staion/Los Angeles
Aug 10   Guitar Center's Guitar Synth Training in Hollywood
Aug 8   Sam Ash Canoaga BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinic
Aug 4,5   X-Games Event in Los Angeles Guitar Clinic
July 31   West LA Santa Monica Guitar Clinic
July 25   Guitar Trader in San Diego- BOSS/Roland Guitar Clininc
18-21 July   Regional Training in Burbank for California GC Employees
 July 10-16   Neon Cactus Studio in Cleveland  to finish BLOODMOON
   7/4  Day   Johnny plays w/Steve Harder at the Long Beach Pier Jam - Happy 4th of July
   6/30  Day  Johnny makes Patches for New BOSS Micro BR Unit
  June   27-  29  Day Johnny Demonstrates Roland/BOSS gear at "Purpose Driven" Newport Beach
    6/7  Day

Johnny Interviews Billy Duffy of the Cult  for Roland/BOSS Corparation


110   pm 1

Texas Tim comes to LA with Trevor Root ... Johnny and the Root's Jam at the Baked Potato live in Studio City !!!
Home at  Last !!!



Back to FUN in the SUN- Johnny Shoots New BOSS Video in Los Angeles.   Just another day in PARADISE @#$%^&*





 "HOME SWEET HOME" Cleveland....It Rained the entire trip/Unbelievable-Johnny Jammed w/ friends /Worked on New DeMarco Brothers CD and visited Mom.



All Day

"I like New York in May !! How 'bout You ?"

Johnny Rocks 48th St. Manhattan- Guitar Clinics and GC Trainings.... Chicks ..Drinks... and PIZZA...fugetta'bout it $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

 May 4-7 All   Day    Johnny Plays the LONG ISLAND Guitar Show demonstrating Roland Guitar Synths & BOSS Pedals  thru Roland Amps.
April 26
10:00 pm

JOHNNY'S JAMMIN WITH SHERMAN- Wednesday at 10:00 pm  on "TV Land" check out "Living in TV Land with Sherman Hemsley" fromThe 12 year running , Legendary Hit TV Sit com "The Jeffersons","Amen" and recently "The Surreal Life"  on VH-1, every Sunday Night at 9:00 pm .
  Johnny and Sherman have been friends since they worked together on the Nevada Circuit in 2000 . Sherman and Johnny formed a cool musical relationship where they write and record  Sherman's  "Musical Gumbo"..  Soon Sherman will release his 'Musical Gumbo" to the World.

March 15
5:00 pm

Johnny will perform a Guitar Clinic featuring  BOSS /Roland gear opening for Joe Satriani at Guitar Trader.

Jan 13
All Day
Johnny will perform at the Roland Music Power Concert held at The Richard & Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long CA. A special performance for High School Students from all over Southern Cal.
Jan 15-18
All Day
Johnny will Introduce Roland's New Guitar Synthesizer the GR-20 at the Annual NAMM Show in The Anaheim Convention Center . Stop by & see the show at the Roland /BOSS Booth. This Thing is unbelievable.
Jan 28- Feb 1-3
All Day
Johnny travels to Orlando for Trainings and to Perform at the Annual Orlando Guitar Show on Sat.& Sun.
Feb 9-16
All Day
Johnny Jams at the TMEA Music Educuters Conference in San Antonio Convention Center

Johnny celebrates his Birthday on the 16th at the Beautiful San Antonio's Riverwalk....
" The Happy Birthday Week Long Jam"
Feb 28 - 29
All Day

Cactus and Tumbleweed look out here's Johnny

Grand opening of Grandma's Music in Albuquerque

2 - 6

At Texas Tim's request! Johnny Travels to the Lone Star State

for Guitar Clinics Showing the New Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth

Apr 1  
Johnny goes to San Diego Guitar Centers and holds trainings along with clinics
Apr 13  
Johnny travels to San Diego 's GUITAR TRADER for clinic and trainings
Apr 15-21st  
Johnny will hold Clinics and Trainings at local Dallas Music Dealers
Apr 16-18th  
Johnny will perform at the Dallas Guitar Show. "Come check out the Roland Booth"
Apr 24th  
Guitar Trader in San Diego, Johnny holds Roland /BOSS Clinic with Dave Mustang of Mega Death
May 13-18  
Johnny hangs with April and Yngwie in Miami.They make GS-10 Patches and Record Audio Clips at Baroque & Roll Studio.
June 4th  
A Night with "Bashirrah"
Johnny shoots gun for LA Pop Artist at Kulics Woodshed, North Hollywood
Broadcasted on internet kulicswoodshed.com
June 7-11  
Johnny, P.Hanson & Texas Tim Root
perform Roland Band Clinic Tour
San Antonio, Austin, Houston
June 17-19
Soul Survivor Event
Newport Beach
July 9th  
Double Header-Sam Ash/GC
San Bernidino Trainings
7:00 pm Johnny plays w/ Bashirrah at
Kulics -Woodshed, N.Hollywood-Internet Broadcast
July 12-15  
Johnny demonstrates Roland Gear
Purpose Driven Event - featuring
Sheila E., Vinnie Caliuta, Doyle Dykes &
John Tesh
July 16-19
Johnny Jams at Jimi Vegas's
"Edgerock Circle"
Johnny will sit in on nightly performances at the TROPICANA.
July 21-26  
Nashville Summer NAMM
Johnny Demonstrates New BOSS Twin Pedal. Come see all the New Gear at the Roland Booth.
July 30 - Aug 2  
San Rafiel Vintage Guitar Show.
San Fran & Marrin County Appearences.
Aug 3-12
Home Sweet Home - CLEVELAND
Aug 7th The DeMarco Brother's Show
7:00 pm followed by BAD COMPANY AND BTO Clays Park Festival
Sept 13-17  
Johnny Performs clinics in New Orleans, Mississippi, Arkansas.
Jan 16
 8 PM
Ghengas Coen
Fairfax & Melrose
Jan 16-19
 All Day
Winter NAMM Show
Anaheim Convention Center

Visit Johnny in the BOSS/Roland Booth
Feb 1-2
All Day
Vintage Guitar Show
Feb 10-16
All Day
San Antonio Convention Center
TMEA Educators Trade Show
Feb 18-27
Waikiki Beach
On Tour in Hawaii
Mar 3-7
All Day
Houston & Austin
Roland & Boss Guitar Clinics in Several Dealer locations.
Guitar Centers, Brooks Mays and H&H Music Stores
Mar 8-9
All Day
Las Vegas
Summerlin 'Jimmi's Edgerock'
Mar 15
All Day
Guitar Trader, San Diego

Johnny Rocks Guitar Trader
Apr 1
8 PM
House of Blues - LA
Apr 2
8 PM
House of Blues - SF
Apr 21-25
All Day

The Southern Bell Tour
BOSS/Roland Clinics

New Orleans, Baton Rouge
Mississippi and Alabama

May 1-6
All Day
Chicago Vintage Guitar Show
May 15
All Day
Musicians Outlet, Palm Desert
Training on BOSS pedals, JS-5, GT-6 & ME-5. Sneak Preview of the DD-20
May 17
All Day
Manny's West on Sunset Blvd.
in Hollywood
(click here)
BOSS & Roland Guitar Clinic
May 22-27
All Day
SoHo District & Village in New York
"I love New York in May, how about you?"
May 31
11 - 5
Sounds of Music - Temecula, CA
"BOSS/Roland/Godin" Grand Opening Event
Jun 14
10 - 2
Charles Music in Glendale, CA
"BOSS Day"
Jul 11-13
All Day
Santa Monica Vintage Guitar Show
Santa Monica Convention Center

Jul 16-21
All Day
The Annual Summer NAMM Show
Nashville, Tennessee
Johnny will be demonstrating Roland's brand new AC-60, a fantastic acoustic amp
Jul 30
Musicians Outlet - Palm Desert, CA
BOSS/Roland Day - In store training
Jul 30
Style's Music in Pomona, CA
BOSS/Roland Day - In store training
Aug 4
All Day
Jim's Music in Irvine, CA
BOSS/Roland outing - Manic Monday
Guitar Shop in Laguna Beach, CA
Plus Various Orange County Dealers
Aug 7
11 - 6
West LA Music - Santa Monica, CA
Guitar Clinic
Aug 8
Sounds of Music - Temecula, CA
Thank God it's BOSS/Godin night out
with the VG-88 and GR-33
Aug 9
2 - 4
Valley Music - Hemet, CA
(909) 658-2626
Johnny will be performing & answering questions using BOSS/Roland gear along with Godin Guitars
Aug 12
10 - 5
2 Days in one Tour
10am - Training at Guitar Center, La Mesa
1pm - Training at Guitar Center, San Marcos
5pm - GR & VG Workshop at Music Mart, Solana Beach
Aug 15-16
All Day
Grand Opening at local Dealer - Guitar Clinic
Aug 18-20
All Day
"Back to the Windy City" - Chicago, Illinois
Clinics and Regional Training
Aug 22
DeMarco Brothers Show
Clays Park Outdoor Festival - Canton, Ohio
Aug 21-29
All Day
Cleveland, Ohio
"Home Sweet Hometown,
When It's Not Raining"
Sep 22
All Day
Van Nuys High School
Johnny and Peter Swiadon hold a
Guitar Technology class for the
Frank Zappa Institute of Technology
Sep 26-28
All Day
San Diego
Vintage Guitar Show
Sep 29
All Day
Valley Music, Hemet
In Store Training
Sep 30
9 AM
Whittaker Music, Chula Vista
In Store Training
Sep 30
Guitar Center, San Marcos
In Store Training
Sep 30
3 PM
Whittaker Music, Temecula
In Store Training
Oct 1
10 AM
Tril Music, San Diego
In Store Training
Oct 1
1 PM

Scotty's Guitar, San Diego
In Store Training

Oct 1
Sound O Music - Temecula
BOSS/Roland/Godin Guitar Clinic
Oct 6
All Day
Century Music / Hermes - San Antonio
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 7
Strait Music - Austin
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 7
6 PM
DB Music - Austin
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 8
Clearlake - Houston Area
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 8
6 PM
H & H Baybrook Store - Houston
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 9
North - Houston Area
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 9
Evan's Music - Houston
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 10
BOSS/Roland Guitar Clinics & Training
Oct 16
All Day
Scott's Guitar - Escondido, CA
Guitar Clinic
Oct 18
All Day

Guitar Trader, San Diego
2 Guitar Clinics
BOSS/Roland, Godin Guitars
Followed by a George Lynch Guitar Clinic
Johnny and George will answer questions on the "World Wide Web Boss Chat Room"

Oct 20-23
All Day
Roland Media Center, West LA Music
Guitar Product Training
Oct 25
All Day
Grand Performance Music
San Luis Obispo
Guitar Clinic
All Day

I love New York in October!
Live in Time Square!

Happy Halloween Clinics and Training in Manhattan

Nov 6-9
All Day
Westin Hotel near LAX
"Taxi Songwriter Convention"
Johnny will be Jammin at the
BOSS/Roland Guitar Station all weekend
Nov 19-23
All Day
Brooks Mays Music Expo - Houston, TX
Visit the Guitar Booth for Clinics
Nov 28
The Hi-Fi Club - Cleveland, Ohio
DeMarco Brothers Show
Dave Brooks, Jani Lane and Billy Morris
of the Band Warrant will also play.
Stick around to see the
All Star Jam at the end.
Nov 23-30
Cleveland, Ohio
"Home Sweet Home" visit
Happy Thanksgiving DeMarco Brothers Show
Dec 10
5-8 PM
Hemet, CA
BOSS/Roland/Godin Guitar Clinic
Dec 11
Hollywood's Musicians Institute &
GIT Present BOSS/Roland Day.

Johnny will hold a Guitar Clinic demonstrating the new BOSS/Roland Guitar Gear. Johnny will jam with the Roland Band featuring Peter Swiadon, Paul Hanson, Dave Garza and Micheal Berrit.
The performance will be recorded with the New Roland and BOSS Recording Gear.