What people are saying about the DeMarco Brothers
“The Ultimate Guitar Experience”

“The DeMarco Brothers are the greatest guitar players on the planet. Freddy and Johnny are two of the most genuine people I know, if anybody was worthy of a chance in the music industry it is Freddy and Johnny DeMarco because they work day in and day out to get to their main objective.” Scottie C. Campana of Bottom Line Records, 7/10/1997
They definitely are what people say “The ultimate guitar experience” they are the most talented musicians I have ever seen, Their dreams are bound to come true.” Jennifer Drain of Bottom Line Records, 7/10/1997

“The band heated up the Odeon without singing a note, dropping jaws with its pyrotechnic guitar music.” Scene magazine/Peter Roche, 3/14/97

“A lot of listeners wanted to know if it was new val.” Allar said “But a lot of the more melodic stuff isn’t anything like Val. The people are really, really into it .It does very well.” WCSB/Randy all/ the news Herald 3/97

“Shipwrecked is a stunning debut that will leave fans of instrumental rock guitar staring at their speakers and drooling.” Scene Magazine/Peter Roche 11/21/96

“The wide variety of material on Shipwrecked shows duo’s versatility” The Sun Messenger/Clifford Anthony 11/28/96

“Shipwrecked represents the diversity the brothers are capable of producing” The Buchtel/Andrew Chow 12/3/96

So what’s moving in the music stores? “ CD warehouse recommends the DeMarco Brothers, a flash guitar duo” the Cleveland Free Times 12/4/96

“This all instrumental disc is virtually a clinic on electric guitar in the 90’s encompassing blazing speed riffs, advanced finger techniques and a huge array of sonic textures that might have Eric Johnson checking the power supply on his foot pedals.” Greetings from the North Coast/Devin McCarthy 12/9/96

“Although there is plenty of fret board fury and energetic solos for the guitar technique freaks, ”Shipwrecked” doesn’t forget groove or the rest of the band.” The News Herald/Geoff Dutton 3/14/97

• Nuno Beetencourt-The Odeon, Cleveland, Ohio
• The Michel Schenker Group-The Odeon, Cleveland, Ohio
• Zakk Wiled, Guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne-The Grog Shop, Cleveland, Ohio
• Gary Hoey-Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, Ohio
• Cory Stevens-solo artist-Warner Bros./Discovery Records, Ron’s Crossroads, Akron, Ohio.
• Various Headlining shows at numerous venues in the tri state area